Infill Thinking was founded in 2016 to deliver premier updates, analysis and research to decision makers in the oil and gas industry. Fully committed to providing best-in-class coverage of the oilfield service marketplace, Infill Thinking serves serious upstream professionals with thoughtful reports, discussion, consulting services, and data that can’t be found anywhere else. Paid subscribers see no ads, and careful selection of limited sponsors ensures our objectivity. The “Three Ts” of Infill Thinking act as the foundation for the research and stories you’ll find here.


Welcome! I’m Joseph Triepke, Founder and Principal Research Analyst here at Infill Thinking.

For over a decade, I’ve been thinking about the business of oil & gas. I covered oil service and drilling companies as a Wall Street research analyst at Jefferies, JP Morgan, and Guggenheim. After that, I helped manage an O&G hedge fund and acted as CFO for a start-up land contract driller. And in between, I’ve been a writer, editor and analyst for several of the O&G industry’s largest trade rags. 

I created Infill Thinking because I couldn’t find reporting that helped me do my job when I was a Wall Street analyst. There’s much being written about the same old shallow O&G stories. But it’s almost impossible to find unbiased oilfield updates from an experienced voice in a clean format.

I believe this industry deserves to have reliable, readable research delivered without corporate influence and clutter. And my new mission is to deliver just that. I am grateful for your readership and support for this new breed of oilfield coverage: “Infill Thinking”.

Two Simple Goals

Infill Thinking was created in 2016 with two simple goals in mind:

  1. Write informed, thought-provoking stories and analysis that smart O&G professionals need but can’t find  anywhere else.
  2. Write for readers. When a publisher works for renewals not sponsors, readers win with high quality, unbiased analysis.

There is an ocean of free O&G content available to you these days. But this information explosion is full of pitfalls and hidden costs.

The Infill Thinking model is different. Unlike larger industry publication, Infill Thinking depends more on reader support than sponsors. That means this publication’s interests are aligned with yours. You want high quality unbiased information in a pleasing format. Infill Thinking is here to provide that.

When it comes to content quality, the subscriber model is superior to relying on web traffic, advertising, or recruiting services to pay the bills. And quality content will bring enough quality subscribers so that Infill Thinking can grow its research capacity. The founder plans to reinvest subscriber fees to improve the product delivered to Infill Thinking subscribers. 

Tired Of The Same Old Story?

We’re guessing you are tired of the in-your-face advertising that comes with most O&G reporting. We’re also guessing you don’t benefit much from the same old press releases and recycled mainstream stories delivered by dozens of publishers without any context. We’re assuming you don’t like slideshows, click-bait, nosy questionnaires, headhunters, or “special offers” in your inbox.

Here’s Our Big Bet

We’re betting an exclusive community of elite O&G pros will pay a few bucks a month to have an edge in the market. We’re betting a steady stream of uniquely thoughtful analysis and reporting is worth supporting. We’re betting you’ve been looking for a transparent, focused publisher that writes for you, not for sponsors or web traffic. And we are betting you will see significant value in an uncluttered presentation free of aggressive advertisement and corporate influence.

Putting Readers Before Revenue

Infill Thinking is a thought platform dedicated to readers with an interest in oilfield services, drilling, and E&P. Our promise to subscribers is: 

  1. Only write thoughtful, impactful reports that you actually want to read;
  2. Present timely, useful information in a clean, pleasing format free of aggressive ads;
  3. Deliver research, news, and analysis specific to your business that helps you outperform;
  4. Maintain our independence, deriving the vast majority of our revenue from subscriptions;
  5. Never bombard you with click bait, press releases, generic newswire stories, or aggressive advertising;
  6. Never send junk mail or sell or rent out your personal information to any third party. All we ask for is your basic contact info to activate your subscription — no annoying  questionnaires to fill out here. Secure payments are handled by a trusted third party with a strong track record of protecting your information (see our payment policy).

Helping You Cut Through The Noise

We are here to bring high quality analysis and reporting into the oilfield. At Infill Thinking you’ll be able to explore the leading edge oilfield market trends that directly impact your business. You won’t find the same old news you can find everywhere else. In fact, we encourage readers to visit other sites for the daily newsflow and visit Infill Thinking when they want to understand the trends that drive the headlines.

Simply put, Infill Thinking is here to be the new must-read for O&G professionals. Help support this resource by subscribing today. We know you’ll be glad you did!

Independent Coverage Is Hard To Find

It’s very difficult to find truly independent coverage of O&G in today’s markets. Ever increasing sponsored content and paid promotions create conflicts of interest.

We’ve seen first-hand the pressure this puts on writers and analysts. The stories you see in many trade rags are influenced by sponsors. Further, the constant need to generate more ad space means more low quality stories pushed to readers.

And don’t forget all the financial analysts writing on the web. Investors that write online are almost always talking up their own books. Meanwhile, Wall Street research reports lean bullish and have for many years as the ratings histories show. And much of the flow on social media is also self-serving. 

Then there’s the cost of good reporting. Larger publications often rely on generalist writers or inexperienced ones who are cheaper but fail to understand the nuances of their subjects. This is because the advertising revenue model incentivizes quantity over quality. We’ve all read outsider stories that misuse industry terminology (for example the all-too-common mistake of calling E&P companies “drillers”).

Red Adair said it best: “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Just as this saying applies to well blowouts, so to does it apply to your knowledge source.

Unbiased Analysis Is A Worthwhile Investment

At Infill Thinking, we are taking analytical independence to a whole new level. It is something we take very seriously. And it is something we will not compromise. To this end:

  1. We do not allow companies to buy ad campaigns targeting our paid subscribers. This means no banner ads, no newsletter ads, no sponsored content etc.
  2. Companies do not pay us for any conclusions we publish on InfillThinking.com.
  3. We do not sell our subscriber list or contact info to advertisers.
  4. We carefully select sponsors for our non-paid subscriber weekly newsletter (less than 10% of total company revenue). Companies competing directly in the markets we cover cannot sponsor this free newsletter. We will only work with sponsors that touch the competitive landscape tangentially. We will only work with sponsors that have demonstrated high ethical standards (i.e. no pressure to produce biased analysis). Email hello@infllthinking.com to be considered.
  5. We currently only one single sponsor, Westward Environmental, Inc., who was carefully selected for their business focus and high ethical standards. Westward sponsors a free newsletter sent weekly to inactive subscribers. You can read more about our selection process and ad philosophy here.
  6. Our staff does not trade or own the individual stocks of any public company in the O&G industry. We may have some indirect ownership by way of retirement accounts, but we have no control over the stocks in those funds.
  7. We disclose any active, prospective, or recent consulting business we have with any company we write about in any story that mentions said company. Consulting is a small part of our business, which you can learn more about here.
  8. Infill Thinking has no outside investors. It is 100% owned by the founder, and the only boss we answer to is our readers.
  9. We pay our travel expenses when we visit with companies and company representatives to discover new insights for readers. 

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