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The Analyst Plan has arrived!

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Infill Thinking is proud to offer industry participants our Think Sheets® premium data service – a unique “small data” offering in the completions supply chain.

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The Analyst Plan is a premium add-on to your standard Infill Thinking membership. It unlocks a series of regularly updated downloadable databases (Think Sheets®) that contain oilfield market information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Think Sheets® are part of a new “Small Data” product that supplements the highly regarded written research found at

Small Data: data in a volume and format that makes it accessible, informative, and actionable. Small Data is information, measured in dozens of rows or simple charts, that answers specific questions or solves specific problems. This contrasts with Big Data, which is unstructured and measured in thousands of rows or complex visualizations.

We believe there is a stark difference between data and information. A common problem these days is Big Data overload, which ends up creating noise, costs, and more work. We believe information should be immediately actionable and help reduce your workload – that’s where Think Sheets® come into play.

We built our user-friendly Think Sheets® to provide topical and targeted information to oilfield power users.

Think Sheets® answer the questions our readers commonly ask us with analysis, figures, and charts. They supplement our trusted written research with Small Data.

We don’t intend to compete with or replace the big data products on the market and we think some are very good (we are happy to make some recommendations). However, we do believe that serious market participants can benefit from subscribing to both our Think Sheets® and Big Data subscriptions. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Field-To-Desk. Think Sheets® distill the complex oilfield business into data that really matters. No noise. No clutter. We strive to collect the very best and most relevant field-level market intelligence. During our channel checks and oilfield trips, we not only gather information, but we also listen to the concerns of decision makers regarding their information needs. Think Sheets® are the data equivalent of written Infill Thinking updates – always focused, relevant and timely.
  • Rifle-Shot, Not Shotgun-Blast. In the fog of war that oilfield competition can create, you need specific and curated information. That’s where our Think Sheets® come into play. You won’t find thousands of rows of data or new software to learn here. Think Sheets® are concise excel files containing thoughtful, hand-crafted information that industry decision makers can trust to answer questions at a moment’s notice.
  • Real-Time. Ok, ok… nothing is truly real-time, right? But we live, breathe, eat, and sleep this stuff. And we’ve brought you scoop after scoop in our written product, right? So here’s our approach to data service: we’ll be updating these files regularly as we learn new details, not just every once in a while. Special newsletters sent only to Analyst Plan subscribers will tip you off when new downloads are available.
  • No Learning Curve & Instant Access. The same philosophy behind our simple, uncluttered website has been applied to our data service interface. Subscribers are presented with clearly labeled folders containing download links. Our latest Think Sheets® are never more than two clicks away. Once downloaded, these expertly crafted spreadsheets are easy to navigate and present exactly the kind of charts, datapoints, and analysis you are looking for.


Sound good?
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Please email [email protected] to learn more and see if your firm qualifies for access.


  • If you depend on traditional oilfield data sources, then you’re going to love the reliable new perspective your Think Sheets® subscription will deliver.
  • Keep your current big data subscriptions and add targeted Think Sheets® as a valuable supplement – we offer affordable access to world class market research.
  • In many cases, the laser-focused information you’ll find here can’t be found anywhere else, including in sell-side research notes. That’s because we are not offering our proprietary insights to any firm engaged in information publication or research provision.
  • This product is offered exclusively to market participants.

*Please note that we are only able to provide access to diligently vetted industry clients at this time. To see if your firm qualifies, please email us, and an Infill Thinking representative will respond soon.