Think Sheets

The Analyst Plan has arrived… in Beta Version form!

Infill Thinking is excited to offer Beta Version Think Sheet access to a limited client group at a heavily discounted price. At this time, we are only able to offer access to qualified industry clients.

Email us now at to request more info*

If you have already been approved for Beta access and want to download Think Sheets, then please sign in here.

Our Analyst Plan is a premium add-on to your Infill Thinking written word membership. It unlocks a series of analytical, data-intensive spreadsheets (we call them Think Sheets) that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our premium database add-on compliments our high quality written product. It is an invaluable supplement to the data products offered by other industry research houses on the market today.

We believe that there is a stark difference between data and information.

Rather than inundate you with more data that you have to work on to understand, our Think Sheets boil down Infill Thinking’s highly respected research, perspectives, and outlook into information you can use immediately.

Our downloadable files contain information (topical charts and targeted data-sets) on today’s most important oilfield service trends (most important in our opinion of course).

Here are just a few ways that Think Sheets are different than (and complimentary to) your existing data subscriptions:

  • Super Easy To Use. The best user interface is no user interface. When you subscribe, you’ll see a simple series of folders. Inside these folders are download links. Just click to download any of our hand-crafted spreadsheets, which are filled with exactly the kind of charts and analysis that you are looking for. Then go wow your team with thoughtful insights.
  • It’s What You Ask Us For Every Day. We talk to many of you as we gather intelligence for our written product. We know what information you actually need because you tell us during our channel checks. We pride ourselves on listening to you and turning our data into information you can apply immediately. Think Sheets turn our written product into data.
  • Rifle-Shot, Not Shotgun-Blast. When you are in the fog of war trying to get ahead of a competitor or looking to answer questions from your boss, you need targeted and topical information. That’s where our Think Sheets come into play. In the heat of battle, you don’t need thousands of rows of data or tough-to-use software. You need the kind of information that Think Sheets provide with just one click of your mouse.
  • Real-Time. Ok, ok… nothing is truly real-time, right? But we breathe, eat, and sleep this stuff. And we’ve brought you scoop after scoop in our written product, right? So here’s our approach to data: we’ll share our unique spreadsheets with you every time we add new info (much more frequently than annually, semi-annually, or quarterly).

Email to see if you qualify for access and request details on content specifics and pricing!

If you depend on conventional oilfield data sources, then you’re going to love the reliable new perspective your Think Sheets subscription will deliver.

Keep your current third-party software / data subscriptions and add Think Sheets for a fraction of their cost.

The laser-focused information you’ll find here can’t be found anywhere else, and we are confident it will be value-add as you navigate this volatile marketplace.

*Please note that while our product is in Beta mode, we are only able to provide access to a limited number of diligently vetted industry clients at discounted pricing. To see if your firm qualifies, please email us, and an Infill Thinking representative will respond soon.