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“My Infill Thinking subscription is the best investment I’ve made in my career in a long time.
Brian Lanier
Petroleum Engineer
Pivotal Petroleum Partners

“Infill Thinking gets me closer to the field than the reporting I see from other sources.”
Kim Stover
Business Development Manager
TD Williamson

“Infill Thinking insights and writing are very good. Much better than most investment banking research.”
Stuart Amor
Managing Director
FTI Consulting

“For years staying on top of oil & gas market developments has required me to follow and parse analysis from hundreds of thought leaders. Infill Thinking has quickly become my go-to source, allowing me to cut my usual reading almost in half. Joseph’s thoughtful content, unique perspective, creative style of writing, and exceptional clarity fill a huge void in the market. Bravo!”
Susan Murphy
The OCTG Situation Report

“I have seen a lot of forums come and go since getting into the frac business in 2008, but Infill Thinking is really pertinent, accurate and timely information. I look forward to each new article and have shared them with clients and business partners. My only complaint is that your good information creates more competition for me! Keep up the good work, I will keep reading along.”
Kirk Williams
Business Development/Sales Manager
Tarsco Bolted Tank, A TF Warren Company

“I have found Infill Thinking’s work very useful.  My team scours large volumes of content for our data mining, but the commentary/editorial nature of Infill Thinking is perfect for our senior leadership. Outstanding writing style and content.  Great insight.”
Sid Smith
Senior Vice President
Forum Energy Technologies
“I really like the insider’s analytical view I find here. I hate to say it, but a lot of people in this industry are just cruising along, reacting when required, and not engaging in critical thinking. People need the work Infill Thinking is doing.”
Mark Alley
BOP Technologies
“This is a great place to get my news. I don’t have lots of time, and Infill Thinking is killing it. I am pushing internally to get my team on board – the stories here are all must-reads.”
Tim Chipuk
Senior Engineering Consultant
GATE Energy

“Infill Thinking is a great concept for our industry; please stay true to the original concept.”
Tracy J. Cummins
Vice President
Key Acct. Mgmt., Marketing
Greene’s Energy Group, LLC

“I find that your unique content and in-depth analysis not only gives context, it inspires. Infill Thinking updates are a credible source that I quote during client interaction.”
Harvey Mathews
Vice President, Americas


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