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Speaking Engagements
Infill Thinking Founder and Principal Research Analyst, Joseph Triepke, is a dynamic speaker widely recognized as a thought leader in the oilfield business world. Respected for deep insights that often challenge the status quo, Joseph has a knack for communicating detailed analysis in simple language.

From Wall Street to the C-suite to the mainstream press, Joseph’s work is closely followed by decision makers looking to stay ahead of the curve. He has been quoted by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Bloomberg, Barron’s, the Houston Chronicle, and countless smaller publications.

Email hello@infillthinking.com to check availability for your event and be sure to ask about the Thought Exercises Joseph can anchor for your team or event attendees. Fresh mental energy can mean the difference between just another meeting or conference and a productive strategy session.

Whether you are hosting a large conference or a small meeting, Joseph’s appearances will generate buzz for your event. But don’t take our word for it. Click through the slideshow below to see Joseph in action and hear what conference organizers and participants are saying.

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Topics in Joseph Triepke’s wheelhouse include: 

  • Upstream business fundamentals
  • Oil service and drilling market trends (onshore and offshore)
  • E&P activity, needs, and spending
  • Separating signal from noise in oilfield newsflow
  • Consensus and positioning for industry players and capital markets
  • Oilfield equipment and technology evolution
  • Procurement of oilfield services
  • Company fundamentals and outlooks
  • Labor force dynamics and challenges
  • Big picture oil market commentary


Contact hello@infillthinking.com to check Joseph Triepke’s availability for your event.

Consulting Services
Infill Thinking Founder and Principal Research Analyst, Joseph Triepke, is a respected financial analyst with subject matter expertise in the business of oilfield service and drilling.

At Infill Thinking, we leverage Joseph’s background in hedge fund management and equity research to help oilfield companies and investors conduct custom research projects. These projects include due diligence, market analysis, economic studies, trend delineation, forecasting, and competitive dynamics analysis. Joseph can also anchor Think Sessions for your team, injecting new perspective in internal discussions and focusing your leaders on critical issues.

With a deep editorial background in oil and gas publishing, we can also help clients execute written projects and content strategies for a variety of purposes.

Clients Joseph Triepke has served on a consulting basis include private equity firms, expert networks, and industry research shops. And Joseph has authored reports, interviews, and articles for some of the largest oilfield service companies in the industry.

We don’t offer sponsorship packages for Infill Thinking, but we can help you prepare content for use elsewhere.

We’d love to think with you about your next project. Email us at hello@infillthinking.com to set up a conversation.