A Welcome Message From Infill Thinking’s Founding Author

Welcome to InfillThinking.com. I’m Joseph Triepke, Founder and Principal Research Analyst, and I want to thank you for spending some of your valuable time here. Infill Thinking launched in 2016 to cover the US oilfield marketplace with independent research of the highest caliber.

Our goal here, in its simplest form, is to deliver the kind of oilfield business updates you’ve always wanted and needed to read in a pleasing environment free from corporate influence.

After spending a decade as a Wall Street analyst and trade rag editor covering oilfield service, I realized that commercial leaders in the US oilfield are underserved. It’s hard for decision makers to find unbiased and useful information.

For nearly four years now, Infill Thinking has filled this gap for thousands of oilfield executives who read our newsletters twice a week and rely on our carefully researched perspectives to inform their business decisions.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Infill Thinking and preemptively answer a few questions about this resource if it is new to you. Scroll down at your leisure or jump directly to a specific Q&A here:

What Is Infill Thinking, And What’s In The Name?

Inspired by an oilfield practice, Infill Thinking is a new blend of analysis, research and journalism focused on oilfield service market fundamentals.

Just as infill drilling lifts the production curve of existing oilfields with new wells, Infill Thinking aspires to lift the oilfield knowledge curve by injecting fresh perspective into the conventional news & analysis stream.

What Subject Matter Should You Expect Here?

Infill Thinking publications and data focus specifically on the business of the oilfield. We don’t dissect every little oil price move or blast readers with forecasts that will inevitably prove to be wrong. Instead our focus is on analyzing market trends, pricing, utilization, corporate strategy, opportunities, risks, and cyclical and structural shifts in the oilfield competitive landscape.

We put boots on the ground often to gather field level intelligence, and canvas a vast network of highly placed contacts to create valuable market intelligence. We turn data into stories. Only the most important news you really need to know surfaces here, and analysis and context are always provided to go along with any news we cover (i.e. no mindless regurgitation).

Our coverage focuses on the dynamic oilfield service, pressure pumping, frac sand, oilfield water, and drilling sectors. We cover significant E&P developments, particularly as they impact opportunities across the oilfield value chain.

How Are Infill Thoughts Communicated?

We convey fresh perspectives to subscribers through our original series of digital publications which are regularly posted for subscribers on our website. These updates plus additional commentary is also delivered to your inbox through our email newsletters that hit subscriber inboxes twice a week (read publication descriptions here).

In addition to our writings, we also offer unique tools designed for the modern O&G business leader. Our downloadable spreadsheets (Think Sheets) deliver high value industry data and analysis with no learning curve from new software.

We also recognize that two-way communication is more important than ever before these days. There is great value in our readers’ perspective, so we built in a members-only forum (Thinking Aloud), where subscribers are encouraged to join the conversation. Our forum is designed to unite industry thought leaders in discussion of critical oilfield trends, and I actively engage with readers and moderate this discussion.

What Is Infill Thinking’s Research Philosophy?

The foundation of the Infill Thinking process is our Three Ts. These principles emphasize quality over quantity and align our work product with the needs of serious industry professionals.


Why Do You Need Infill Thinking?

The big question is why? Why should you join Infill Thinking? Don’t you have enough to read already?

Sure there’s plenty of information out there, but what you’ll find here is different (and you’ll only find it here). Infill Thinking was created to solve three key problems with conventional news and analysis sources. If you are on the fence about joining, please take a moment to read about the pressing industry needs that Infill Thinking was built to address (explanations are below).

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Problem 1: Noise. There’s an ocean of free content out there, but how much of it is really worth your time? Sure, we all need to know the news of the day. But do we really need to see the same old pedestrian stories regurgitated by dozens of publishers? And then there’s the endless parade of press releases and oil price speculation. Why all the noise? Well, it’s largely because of declining digital advertising revenue. To stay profitable, websites that depend primarily on advertising dollars have to increase article quantity to increase traffic. This means a rising tide of mediocrity and distraction.

Infill Thinking’s Solutions: Not just another news service, the focus here is on quality over quantity. More isn’t always better. At Infill Thinking, we leverage over a decade spent thinking about the oilfield business to cut through the noise, delivering unique angles on selective oilfield stories that really matter. Data-driven insights on oilfield business trends are the focus. Stories here are written from a single experienced voice, not by stringers new to the industry or sitting overseas (we are made in America). We want to empower you with a framework for processing the news that you will read elsewhere six months or a year from now. Our goal is that you will never read an article here that you feel wasted your time.

Problem 2: Independence. Many publishers these days serve too many masters. Do they write for readers or shill for the corporations that pay them for advertising? Today, sponsored content and paid placements are blurring the lines between promotion and honest journalism. Yet another trap readers face is stories promoting the publisher’s own revenue lines. And on Wall Street or in the financial press, stories are often told to pump a stock or stir up banking business.

Infill Thinking’s Solution: We are content purists. Infill Thinking does not offer corporate sponsorship deals targeting the email inboxes of paying members, who comprise over 90% of our revenue. Our perspectives, web traffic, subscriber information, and conclusions are not for sale to corporate bidders. Period. We carefully select a couple ethical sponsors for our free weekly product that goes to expired members with excerpts from our archive. These limited sponsors receive unobtrusive recognition on our homepage as well. No outside influence here, and Infill Thinking is 100% author owned. Because this service lives or dies based on member renewals, our publishing interests are truly aligned with readers.

Problem 3: Clutter. Flashing banner ads. Videos that auto-start. Endless share buttons for social media platforms you haven’t even heard of. Click-bait. Slideshows. Special offers in your inbox. Nosy questionnaires. Call us old-school, but over-developed, over-commercialized platforms annoy us and will never compensate for high quality content.

Infill Thinking’s Solution: When it comes to knowledge conveyance tools, we believe strongly that less is more. Infill Thinking keeps it simple, with email newsletters and a mobile friendly website with minimal distractions. Infill Thinking depends on unique story lines and high-caliber posts to encourage sharing instead of dozens of buttons that clutter up your reading experience. It’s worked – we’ve grown almost entirely by word of mouth, with almost no promotion of our service. And because of subscriber support, there are no “in-your-face” advertisements for members to endure. Oh, and Infill Thinking will never ask you to fill out endless questionnaires or blast you with special offers. To subscribe, all you need to do is complete a simple signup form

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What Do You Get As An Infill Thinking Member?

Hand-picked stories of significance, reliable context, and forward-looking analysis combine with two-way conversation and data to elevate the Infill Thinking service into a class of its own. Infill Thinking’s publications were designed with the modern US oilfield business leader in mind. There is no other service like this available at our low low price point (more on that in a minute). Without further ado, here is our line up of publications and services:

  • Infill Thoughts 
  • Thinking Ahead 
  • Out Think 
  • Quick Thoughts
  • Think Sheets
  • Thinking Aloud
  • Email Newsletters
More than just the same old news, these frequent updates provide context and analysis on the most important oilfield issues of the day. Relevant with a long-shelf life, these updates offer new angles that can’t be found anywhere else. Infill Thoughts are published daily on the website and emailed to subscribers each Tuesday and Thursday.
The focus of Thinking Ahead is the oilfield business outlook. Our data-driven analyses and trend discussions help executives, sales people, and decision makers identify opportunities and optimize their outcomes. Our subject matter spans the US oilpatch, and Thinking Ahead installments regularly appear in our Infill Thoughts newsletters.
In-depth research on hot oilfield topics. These high-value reports are written every so often. The Out Think series includes segment primers, thematic explorations, and fundamental forecasts designed to help you “out think” the competition.
We don’t always break in, so when we do it’s important. Quick Thoughts email alerts provide unique perspective on the biggest breaking news, identifying implications and reading between the lines. Our focused commentary empowers you to react fast with reliable context.
Think Sheets are regularly updated spreadsheets containing original data-sets, models and analysis on upstream fundamentals. In addition to proprietary analysis, we also aggregate and organize certain public oilfield data-sets. Analysts are able to download the files in our growing library any time. Analyst Plan required.
Our Thinking Aloud discussion forum unites industry thought leaders in conversation about important business issues, moderated by Joseph Triepke. Some of the industry’s brightest minds are joining Infill Thinking, and this is the place where they are talking about the trends of the day.
In addition to real-time and archived access on the website, we also ship our publications to subscribers in regular email newsletters. A summary of Infill Thoughts is sent twice weekly, and forward looking Thinking Ahead updates are regularly included here. Quick Thoughts are emailed as needed. We ship at least one Out Think deep dive each quarter, and newsletters also tip readers off when new spreadsheets are posted.


How Can You Join And What Will It Cost?

We try not to overthink the small stuff. Our one-step sign up process takes just seconds. And we offer just two simple plans to pick from. Our subscriptions bill annually or monthly and auto-renew, but you can cancel any time and we send reminders before billing.

Our Thinker Plan unlocks everything we write and discuss.  Thinkers get all our newsletters, all our written research, all our updates, and the discussion forum. Sign up now, and we’ll give you 30 days free followed by just $295 per year.

Even deeper access to our research is available for power users. In the course of our research process, we build tons of databases, models, and charts in spreadsheet format. These “Think Sheets” will are now available to the industry with a premium membership add-on. With the Analyst Plan, subscribers will receive everything we write plus our library of downloadable spreadsheets. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for the Analyst Plan, drop us a note at: [email protected].

Read more about subscriber options here.

As noted above, active members see no emailed advertisements, and only unobtrusive homepage placement for a limited number of sponsors. We depend primarily on readers to support our work, and we firmly believe this approach makes for the best content. Consider the experience you have watching shows on HBO (subscription) vs. the major network channels (advertising). ABC and CBS shows are basically free, but wouldn’t you rather watch Game of Thrones?

Like HBO, we invest our resources in pleasing consumers instead of advertisers. And now for about the same annual cost as your HBO entertainment package, you can unlock our market intelligence service and take your oilfield game to the next level. Larger publishers or consulting firms would charge you thousands for the content in our subscription plans, but because we are 100% author-owned and have an efficient cost structure, we can afford to put readers before revenue.

Thank You For Your Support!

In closing a special thanks the thousands of oilfield leaders that have become a part of the Infill Thinking member community. Your feedback and generous knowledge sharing is what makes this platform so special.

I believe the industry needs a service like this. Thousands of members do to. And I hope you’ll agree if after you take a look at what we are up to here…

Best Regards,
Joseph Triepke
Founder & Principal Research Analyst  |  Infill Thinking, LLC


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