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Premium Data Service Focused On Completions Supply Chain

Lium Sheets (Downloadable Spreadsheets Containing Data And Analysis) offered through our parent company This product compliments and supplements the written material you find on Infill Thinking with unique data sets and predictive models for everything in shale from spuds through production.

Available only to qualified investors and industry market participants. Click below to request information.

Members receive premium research newsletters and full access to a market intelligence platform designed for today’s oilfield decision makers.
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More than just the same old news, these frequent updates provide context and analysis on the most important oilfield issues of the day. Relevant with a long-shelf life, these updates offer new angles that can’t be found anywhere else. Infill Thoughts are emailed to members weekly.

The focus of Thinking Ahead is the oilfield business outlook or themes that will impact the oilfield in the future. These trend analyses help executives, sales people, and decision makers stay ahead in their markets. Our subject matter spans the global oilpatch, and Thinking Ahead installments are sprinkled into our e-newsletters as we complete them.

Quick Thoughts email alerts provide unique perspective on the biggest breaking news, identifying implications and reading between the lines. Our focused commentary empowers you to react fast to big developments with reliable context.

Occasionally, we write in-depth reports on the hottest oilfield topics. These high-value reports are sent to members by email, and members have access to the archive. These may include segment primers, thematic explorations, or fundamental forecasts. Here is an example: A Massive Paradigm Shift In Frac Sand’s Last Mile Is Happening Now

Subscribers can access what we write on the web all the time but also receive our content in regular email newsletters. Infill Thoughts are emailed weekly. Here is a link to an example.

Lium Sheets are regularly updated spreadsheets containing original data-sets, models and analysis on upstream fundamentals. Qualified analysts are able to download the files in our growing library any time.

Infill Thinking is an independent research firm. We serve readers with honest, unbiased industry coverage.

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  • Focused and thoughtful coverage of the oil service, sand, and E&P business.
  • A competitive edge from original oilfield market analysis you won’t find elsewhere.
  • High value research reports on specific oilfield niches that illuminate trends and business opportunities.
  • Unique analysis and perspective from an experienced, trusted voice on the markets, companies, and technologies that exist to extract hydrocarbon from the earth. 

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  • Oil price speculation. We are not oil price blowhards. There are more than enough folks out there guessing the price of oil and writing about OPEC, so we only cover the biggest developments on the commodity price front.
  • A barrage of news. We’d be happy to recommend some good sources if you want to keep up with syndicated news and press releases. Here you’ll only see unique angles on the most important stories – the stories you really want (and need) to read.
  • Ads. We are a freemium model, so paying members don’t see any annoying ads or corporate influence. We offer a free service to non-paying members sponsored by carefully selected advertising partners that do not seek to influence our work in any way.
  • Clutter. Call us old school, but we rely on article quality and word of mouth to grow, not a million share buttons and other online tricks.
  • Trolls. Because a subscription is required, you are guaranteed next level conversation in our discussion forums.


*Some data-driven reports are only available to Lium data plan members. Terms and eligibility for clients engaged in the business of information dissemination are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. If your business is information distribution, please contact us using the options above and we’ll reach out to discuss.

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Do you want to share just one specific Infill Thinking update with your employees, customers or investors? Like many other other trade journals, we offer reprints of our past articles for purchase in digital or print format.

Our updates offer unique perspective and provide deep, timeless insights that can’t be found anywhere else. We understand that buying annual subscriptions for a large group just so they can read one single update may not make sense. Email [email protected] for reprint pricing and availability.

We will only discuss articles that have already been written and published – our future research updates, conclusions, and the topics we chose to cover are not for sale and will not be influenced by any outside interests.