A Massive Paradigm Shift In Frac Sand’s Last Mile Is Happening Now

Retail giant Amazon and the hydraulic fracturing business have something in common: costly and complex last mile logistics. Distributing proppant requires just as much sophistication as distributing Echo Dots, Yeti Tumblers, and Kleenex.

In 2017, more truckloads of sand per well will be pumped than ever before.

The frac industry is trying to suck a growing proppant milkshake through a shrinking number of straws. In-basin transportation has become an Herculean task.

This huge challenge is creating big opportunities – it is an exciting time for frac sand’s last mile. The business is evolving very fast, consensus on the best approach has yet to emerge, and new entrants are challenging the status quo with new solutions.

In this edition of Out Think (our in-depth report series), we explore some of the hottest issues in the last mile for frac sand, introducing the latest solutions and strategies for dealing with one of the industry’s biggest challenges today.

Here is the table of contents for our in-depth report (please sign up to read the full report):

  • Executive Summary
  • Frac Sand Demand Trends And Last Mile Implications (tons of charts)
  • It’s Only The Second Inning Of The Frac Recovery, But The Trucking Labor Gap Is Already Becoming An Issue (the latest data-points)
  • The Case For Outsourcing The Last Mile (this has huge business opportunity implications)
  • Mega Facilities Offering “Air Traffic Control” Are The Future Of Trans-load
  • New Solutions: Thinking Inside The Box (we introduce some great stories)
  • New Solutions: Thinking Outside The Box (more new entrants with great ideas)
  • Looming OSHA Regulations Are A Big Challenge, But Desperately Needed

There’s a lot more to this story…

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