15 Stephen King Novel-Equivalent Hit With Our 500th Edition Milestone. Thank You For Your Readership!

Later today, we will ship out the 500th edition of Infill Thinking’s twice-weekly newsletter.

It contains our 1,750th research post penned over the past 5.25 years.

Research-Equivalent Of 15 Stephen King Novels

Today’s latest edition takes our published word count on the website up to approximately three million words worth of research to date. That’s about 1,600 words written by your author about the oilfield market each day, every day for the past five years.

A typical Stephen King novel (we are big fans) contains about 200,000 words, based on The Shining.

So Infill Thinking’s published word count so far equals 15 Stephen King novels. And the non-fiction oilfield plot twists we cover have at times been just as startling and entertaining as a King book. King has written 63 novels in his prolific and brilliant career, to which we believe no other novelist in the modern era can hope to live up to.

Not that everything should be measured in quantity. No, quality is what really matters, and quality is what we focus on consistently delivering, same as King. Our word count could have easily been double what it is had we diluted the stream with content that doesn’t matter as much. We remain highly selective in the stories we write so that members are never disappointed when they click an Infill Thinking link, just like King’s fans (“constant readers”) are never disappointed when they open his books.

Still though, this word count an interesting metric that reflects how much ground has been covered by this website over the past 5 years. Our 3mm words also represent the consistency and dedication of this publication to our valued members. Consistency and dedication that constant readers have come to expect and rely on as they form their own oilfield market views, allocate capital, and make business decisions. It’s also a ton of typing, thinking, and coffee!

Thank You, And Here’s To Another 15 Novels!

It still feels like yesterday when we shipped the first edition in October 2016.

Thank you to all Infill Thinking members for the trust that has allowed this intelligence platform to grow and reach the 500th edition (3mm word) milestone while staying true to the mission we started with of always putting our readers first and calling it like we see it with unique carpet-level oilfield insights. Thank you, constant reader, for encouraging us to write oilfield stories that matter in our own unique style.

Here’s to 500 more newsletters and the research-equivalent of 15 more Stephen King Novels! Now on to the next piece and another cup of coffee…

Joseph Triepke
Founder & Author at Infill Thinking

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