Infill Thinking Offers Relief To Laid-off Members

Unfortunately, thousands of extremely talented and dedicated oilfield business people are being let go right now through no fault of their own.

So this week, Infill Thinking will begin offering 90-days free access to any oilfield business people let go from their position in these uncertain times.

By offering furloughed professionals a way to keep up with the latest developments and analysis of market conditions at no cost, we hope to provide some relief to the industry we serve and love.

Professionals whose world has just been turned upside down shouldn’t have to worry about covering the cost of research right now as they strive to stay up to date and identify their next opportunity.

We are taking down the paywall for any oilfield professionals displaced by this downturn. Details:

  • These extended trials are available to either new or existing members who have been laid off
  • We will add 90 days free to your account and update your login email from your corporate to your personal email address
  • We will also consider extending access for furloughed folks beyond the 90 day initial period depending on the duration of the market disruption
  • In addition to laid-off workers, we will be making this relief measure available to small business owners who are under extreme financial pressure as well

To request your free research access, please email [email protected].