Something Big Is Brewing On The Infill Thinking Research Desk…

Please pardon our publishing silence over the past 24 hours or so… our research team is busy working on deep dive. One might say that our head is buried in the sand.

It’s topical. It’s controversial. And it has massive implications for value creation / destruction in the frac supply chain.

Hint: many of you have called or emailed us recently asking for more information since we first broached this topic in our New Years Eve newsletter.

This forthcoming piece of research will be worth the wait, but it is important for us to get this one right.

So we aren’t taking this lightly… we are singularly focused right now, and we have tuned out the pedestrian newsflow that we know you can find on countless other channels.

Our promise to you: the soon-to-be-released deep dive will be posted before the week is out, and it is going to get folks talking.

Thanks for staying tuned in and standing by our channel…

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