Shale Executive Sentiment Index Surges Up To Levels Last Seen At $100 Oil

Two years into the downturn and at oil prices just half of prior highs, the US tight oil industry has begun to stage a recovery.

We’ve all seen this new optimism in the tangible data. Rig count, capex, headcount, frac utilization – these are just a few of the US onshore metrics that are now pointing up and to the right.

But you don’t see industry sentiment addressed nearly as often as rig count or oil price. It can be hard to quantify, but executive psychology is a critical ingredient in the oilfield recovery recipe. In fact, it is a leading indicator. Only after executives decide to grow does activity actually increase in the field.

To gauge management sentiment, we constructed a quarterly Shale Executive Sentiment Index this week. Our index is based on linguistic analysis of 55 shale company conference calls held since the prior peak. The trends we saw were surprising and could unlock big opportunities in 2017. Take out a free trial to see the chart and our analysis.

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