7 Key Oilfield Water Themes In 2022

We are looking forward to participating in the IN-PERSON 2nd Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference this March 10-11 along side over 300 of the industry’s movers and shakers.

If you care on water, this is the event to attend and the agenda is coming together nicely with speakers confirmed from Chevron, Diamondback, Devon, Marathon, Apache, Birch Resources, and newly formed Blue Ox Resources. In addition to many E&Ps, the CEO of newly public Aris Water Solutions and the Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission are speaking along with key executives from all across the water value chain.

There’s a lot going on in water to start there year and here are 7 key themes we look forward to exploring at the event. We hope you’ll plan to be there as well and look forward to seeing you there.

7 Key Oilfield Water Themes To Explore In March

1. How is Permian seismicity (and the regulatory crackdown on it) directly changing the disposal business? We are already hearing about water flows moving around in (and away from) seismically active zones. Will forced and voluntary injection curtailment cause any E&P constraints this year and how will costs be affected?


2. Recycling at scale is the next big thing, how do we get there and water are the mechanics of recycling at the kind of scale that can help mitigate seismicity risk?


3. How much lower can water quality be pushed to cut costs and what are the key trends in treatment / water spec this year?


4. What does the facility of the future in oilfield water look like (footprint, infrastructure, engineering, digital) considering the evolution of challenges and requirements (bigger volumes, avoiding disposal, more regulation, ESG, land-owner buy-in)?


5. What kinds of industry standards and market mechanisms could be implemented to create true sustainability in oilfield water management? What kinds of incentives could be developed around avoiding disposal to help the industry meet ESG goals and improve access to capital?


6. How are service and midstream companies teaming up to marry chemical, mechanical, and digital solutions to help E&Ps meet their goals? What are the latest trends in commercial terms?


7. Water midstream firms are achieving a new level of professionalism and sophistication with more of the industry’s capitalization publicly traded. What’s next for M&A, E&P outsourcing, IPOs, and financing trends in oilfield water?


If you attend in March, please find our team and say hi. Registration is open online here>

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