As WTI Trades Above $110/BBL (14-Year High!), A Salute To Shale & What Our Readers Do To Further Its Noble Cause…

The world is a mess. The tyranny of an evil man is on full display, disrupting world order, and it won’t be soon forgotten as an uncertain globe witnesses unprovoked civilian devastation from the biggest military action in Europe since WWII. The ripple effects could obviously be profound.

As a result of skyrocketing geopolitical tension, WTI broke the $110/bbl mark on Wednesday morning for the first time since 2008. POTUS remarks about energy in the SOTU address Tuesday missed the mark. What he should have said said were words of encouragement, praise, and thanks to the U.S. oilfield. What he should have said was drill baby drill!

From day one, this publication has always held a view that U.S. oil production is a noble cause, even when the industry has been underappreciated (and even demonized) by political agendas promoted by virtue-signalers who themselves are oil-dependent consumers. While energy transition trends are real (and we cover that too), and we all want the cleanest energy stack possible, oil and gas will continue to be vital to society for decades to come. It is our great honor to write for oilfield business folks.

In light of escalating global tension, what you do day-in-and-day-out to unlock domestic energy sources has never been more important. So keep those pumps pumping, those trucks trucking, and that sand and water going downhole, and we’ll do our part to keep the market intelligence spigots on. If you read this publication, it is likely that you play an important role in flow assurance for U.S. oil and gas production – and we salute you for what you do to make that happen day in and day out.

Whether outsiders care to admit it or not, shale has always had a virtuous mission at its core – improve the quality of life and decrease dependence on foreign oil for U.S. citizens. It is sad that it takes a turn of events like what’s happening now for some outside the industry to recognize the crucial nature of what we do.

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