‘Frac A DUC For Christmas’ – A New Infill Thinking Christmas Carol For A Crazy 2020

Adapting Christmas Carols to oilfield trends is a holiday season tradition as old as Infill Thinking itself.

We just released our 2020 track for members, a riff on Holly Jolly Christmas titled Frac A DUC For Christmas.

Current members can login here to take a listen to this year’s song, and everyone can enjoy our album of past year installments in Infill Thinking’s Oilfield Christmas Carol Album below…

Please pause to reminiscence a bit with us by replaying these Infill Thinking classics – just be sure to have the egg nog ready because these are one-part oilfield research and one-part satire.

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

This year’s Infill Thinking song is the fifth installment in our annual tradition of adapting Christmas Carols into instant oilfield classics.

If you are in the mood for more modified carols (and care to revisit the oilfield trends of yesteryear), you can listen to the rest of our Oilfield Holiday Album below.

Keep in mind that these songs are written inspired by the trends of the day in the oilfield – in other words, they’ve been downers lately. We look forward to happier adaptations in the Christmases of the future…

I’m Dreaming of Next Upcycle
(Christmas ​2019)

Jingle Bells, Wall Street Sells
(Christmas ​2019)

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Optimization
(Christmas 2018)


Christmas Lights Sticker by Unique Vintage for iOS & Android | GIPHY


‘Twas the Frac Before Christmas
(Christmas ​2017)


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Performance credit: Dave Smith Productions. Lyric Credit: Infill Thinking