Is It Really Different This Time? The Future Of E&P Includes M&A And ESG [Full PDF Download Of E&P Thought Piece]

Each Friday in the last month of each quarter, we pass our keyboard to an Infill Thinking member to weigh in from their field. We don’t pay for these pieces and we don’t get paid for publishing them. In fact, we promptly reject anything that looks like a commercial. Our members find these to be some of the most interesting reads that appear on our website.

Over the past couple weeks, 35-year E&P veteran Paul Sparks has been weighing in on the current state of affairs in the E&P industry and where things might be headed next.

While Infill Thinking members had the exclusive first look at this thought piece, we found it too vital to keep it selfishly contained on our platform.

This work provides perspective that is badly needed across the broader E&P and supporting industry, which is struggling to find its footing at this moment in time.

So we are opening this one up to the entire industry. This is an invaluable resource for leaders, executives, and investors in the industry we serve. We thank Paul for taking the time to put it together. And we encourage you to share this piece with everyone you think might benefit from the wisdom it contains.

Download The PDF Here>>