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Research Rewind: The Mid-Con Greenfield Frac Sand Rush

This is the second installment in our Research Rewind Series.  Rewinds aggregate our long-shelf life work on hot topics, providing comprehensive and thematic perspective. In our first installment, we looked back at the Permian Basin frac sand trucking situation. This week, we take a look back at the region where the frac sand …

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Offshore vs The Permian [Friday Guest Post]

With Brent trading at almost $80/bbl and Permian constraint friction heating up (pipe, diffs, trucks, etc), it feels like it’s time to start getting more constructive on the offshore recovery theme. But can long-cycle deepwater returns ever compete with short-cycle Permian returns again? An expert weighs in for our first …

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Permit Filed On The E&P-Owned Frac Sand Plant Going Vertical In The Northeastern Eagle Ford Shale

We curate new information in the public record on the newest vertically integrated frac sand project. There’s a lot more to this story… To read this update and receive our research newsletters, you must be a subscriber. If your free trial has expired, renew here. (Current members login here.) Subscribers get Exclusive research update newsletters High-caliber, data-driven …

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Research Rewind: Permian Basin Frac Sand Trucking

Infill Thinking comes at you fast. In 2018, we are on track to publish more than 400 original research updates. These proprietary updates often break the seal on topics that will be covered elsewhere months later (i.e. Permian frac sand truckload estimates). While timely, Infill Thinking updates also contain proprietary …

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