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For Most Sand Miners, This Bad News Is Actually Good

Is it counterintuitive to view a court ruling against an industry participant’s expansion plans as a good thing? Yes. However, in a niche where oversupply fears have crushed the stocks of publicly traded incumbents, maybe a legal governor on the expansion plans of the few can serve the greater good. …

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EOG Resources On Multi-Laterals, The Next Big Thing, & Competitive Advantage In Shale [Follow The Leaders]

Over the past two weeks, three different EOG execs spoke at three different investor conferences. Reviewing their commentary and separating signal from noise, here’s the latest on this E&P leader’s field tactics and development strategy. There’s a lot more to this story… To read this update and receive our research newsletters, you must …

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Hi-Crush Now Hiring Miners In Kermit

  The first chapter in the Permian Basin frac sand mining story was the land grab (who was buying what where) and debate on viability. The 2H17 chapter will be execution, lab results, construction progress, and sales (whose construction is on time, whose deposit is better). One of the best datapoints to …

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