Ghosts Of Oilfield Christmas Past… Infill Thinking Style

Adapting Christmas Carols to oilfield trends is a holiday season tradition as old as Infill Thinking itself.

Teasing ahead, we have written and recorded new Oilfield Christmas tracks, which will be released to active members next week (just in time for your holiday gatherings). These new releases will be as informative as they are entertaining.

Until our big 2019 release next week, please pause to reminiscence a bit with us by replaying a couple Infill Thinking classics from year’s past, which you can listen to below.

While our seasonal songs are whimsical and may make you smile, they are also designed to capture and communicate the critical oilfield business trends of the day.

Our hope is these songs put some soul back into coverage of the business trends our members are wrangling day-in and day-out in the oilfield marketplace.

So… in anticipation of 2019’s new releases… here is a look back at the oilfield market trends of yesteryear through the prism of our Christmas Classics adaptation….

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Optimization (Christmas 2018)

    • Last year, we drew inspiration from bottleneck concerns and the focus on supply chain optimization. Click play to reminisce on 2018 Oilfield Christmas trends past…


‘Twas the Frac Before Christmas (Christmas ​2017)

  • Two years ago, key themes we drew our inspiration from were all about activity recovering and supply base growth. Click play to remember better days…