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Offshore vs The Permian [Friday Guest Post]

With Brent trading at almost $80/bbl and Permian constraint friction heating up (pipe, diffs, trucks, etc), it feels like it’s time to start getting more constructive on the offshore recovery theme. But can long-cycle deepwater returns ever compete with short-cycle Permian returns again? An expert weighs in for our first …

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We Fished These 25 Key Points From The Earnings Ocean

During earnings season, an ocean of content comes at you fast. 7,000 words are spoken on the average earnings conference call. There were 27 oilfield earnings conference calls this week. We did the math. That’s the word count equivalent of 200 Infill Thinking posts. How much of this info overload …

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As Statoil Ramps UK Exploration, Transocean Wins Contracts That Are More Interesting Than They Appear

Thanks in part to the renewed exploration push in the UK, Transocean just announced two new contracts for the Transocean Spitsbergen (a 2009-built UDW HDHE semi) for Statoil drilling programs. The dayrate is near break-even, but that’s the least interesting thing about these contract awards… Digging deeper, a $27mm difference in the contract …

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