Thinking Ahead

22% Market Share In 2022? [Simulfrac Series]

How much penetration could simulfracs get in the next couple years? Here’s the logic on setting sights on a target for 2023… There’s a lot more to this story… Login to see the full update…  To read this update and receive our research newsletters, you must be a member. If …

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DSL Listing By 2022? Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

This update is going to be about lizards. Specifically an elusive species that few people (if any) that live and work in the Permian have ever seen; but one that could none-the-less derail much industrial and economic progress in the most important oil Basin in the world. The dunes sagebrush …

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10 Frac Supply Chain Trends To Watch As 2Q21 Begins

1Q21 was a whirlwind in the frac supply chain. We relived it here. Now it’s time to turn our eyes ahead to 2Q21, and we look forward to starting to do that this week at the in-person frac sand conference in Houston hosted by the Petroleum Connection. To gear up …

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