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US Land Drillers Aren’t Sweating The Rig Count Dip

During the third quarter, the US onshore rig count trajectory has finally leveled off. We wrote about the stall a couple weeks ago in this update.  Speaking at an investor conference last week, two leading land drillers shrugged off the industry-wide rig count stall. See what they said in the …

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DUC Hunting Season Returns [Guest Post]

When I first met Todd Bush, he was laying the groundwork for the research firm he co-founded in 2012, Energent Group. Even back then when his databases and software were in their early stages of development I recall being impressed by the granularity of the charts and output he was generating. …

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Reader Response To The Latest Permian Mine News

We believe that our readers’ response to news can often be more compelling than the report itself, for our readership comprises some of the industry’s brightest minds, including folks who are working on (or buying from) similar initiatives in the field. See what your fellow Infill Thinkers are saying about …

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