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A(n Underground) River Runs Through It [Guest Post]

Water supply is a critical component of all Permian Basin proppant sand mine operations. Assuming that demand for and production of sand remain high many of the basin mines will need to extend excavations below the water table and consequently address aquifer dewatering issues. In this guest post, three experts …

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Of Sand And Water [Friday Guest Post]

One of the biggest challenges relative to Permian sand mine infrastructure, which is critical to the successful development of these facilities, is the availability of a viable supply of water for not only sand production, but potable use as well. A significant amount of effort has gone into finding reliable …

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All Of Our Permian Field Trip Quick Hits Organized By Topic

Infill Thinking staff spent a full week in the Permian Basin in August 2017, touring facilities and visiting with contacts and management teams. We’ve collected 43 “quick hits” – crowd sourced datapoints and general market observations. Our time in the Permian was spent on the completions supply chain, particularly around …

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