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The Top Infill Thinking Stories, Charts, And Debates Of 2Q17

Infill Thinking membership tripled over the past three months. Before we review 2Q17 research highlights, here is some color on readership. As of July 2017, Infill Thinking readership is comprised of analysts, business people, and executives categorized as follows: If you haven’t subscribed (or renewed your free trial yet), please …

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How Far Can Shale Grow On Run Flat Tires?

E&P transcripts we’ve seen from recent investor conferences have been pretty upbeat all things considered. Why? Oil prices are sub-$45 and under pressure. Well, shale has some tricks up its sleeve that allow it to keep going, and we break them down here. There’s a lot more to this story… …

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For Schlumberger, It’s Love And Hate In The Lower 48

Schlumberger’s position and perspective on the North American market might best be described as a love-hate relationship. Endorsing the Lower 48 onshore outlook is simply not in Schlumberger’s DNA. Even as the company describes challenges that may make the North American E&P model unsustainable, it can’t resist getting bigger in …

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