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New Year, New Era At Liberty OFS

In light of today’s deal news, we wanted to share some of the recently formulated resources in our archive that we assembled to think through what this deal means for the frac and frac supply chain marketplace. We hope this research proves helpful as a new era begins at Liberty… …

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Live From Dhahran, Here’s The 8 Most Important Things Schlumberger Said Friday Morning

With Schlumberger’s earnings call this morning, oilfield earnings season is officially underway. CEO Paal Kibsgaard addressed several of the themes we expect to dominate the conversation this earnings season including US price increases and activity strength and maybe over-exuberance, sluggish international conditions, aggressive frac reactivation, new business models in offshore drilling, …

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For Schlumberger, It’s Love And Hate In The Lower 48

Schlumberger’s position and perspective on the North American market might best be described as a love-hate relationship. Endorsing the Lower 48 onshore outlook is simply not in Schlumberger’s DNA. Even as the company describes challenges that may make the North American E&P model unsustainable, it can’t resist getting bigger in …

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