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The Top Infill Thinking Stories, Charts, And Debates Of 2Q17

Infill Thinking membership tripled over the past three months. Before we review 2Q17 research highlights, here is some color on readership. As of July 2017, Infill Thinking readership is comprised of analysts, business people, and executives categorized as follows: If you haven’t subscribed (or renewed your free trial yet), please …

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Fridays In March 2017 [Recap]

As an Infill Thinking subscriber, you have some very good company. Executives, analysts, traders, salesmen, investors, academics, attorneys, regulators, and engineers from all across the oilfield now take Infill Thinking. We are humbled by the brain power of the folks we write for. That’s why we decided to do something …

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Infill Thinking Research Findings Are Making News Thursday Morning

  In a feature story on Bloomberg News Thursday morning, several research updates issued by Infill Thinking recently are featured prominently. Check out Joe Carroll’s latest must-read below… To receive our research newsletters, you must be a subscriber. If your free trial has expired, renew here. (Current members login here.) Subscribers get Exclusive research update newsletters …

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