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Water You Doing On October 4?

In three weeks from now, on October 4 in Downtown Houston, US oil industry leaders and investors will gather to discuss oilfield water’s evolving business model, market structure, and latest trends. Oilfield Water: Industry Update delivers the most exciting produced water business topic agenda of any conference this fall season. …

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Optimization [An Oilfield Christmas Carol]

Click The Play Button Below And Crank Up The Volume As You Listen… Adapting Christmas classics to oilfield trends is a holiday season tradition here at Infill Thinking. Last year was Twas The Frac Before Christmas. This year we found inspiration in the carol It’s Beginning To Look A Lot …

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In The News: Infill Thinking Insights Cited On Rail Service Changes

Infill Thinking insights were cited in an in-depth article published by Wisconsin State Journal writer Chris Hubbuch over the weekend. In part, Hubboch’s story discusses how recent changes in rail service options available to Northern White Sand producers are rippling through the logistics value chain, quoting Infill Thinking research. We first …

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