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Shale Executive Sentiment Index Proved Prophetic

Late-last year, we introduced our Shale Executive Sentiment Index to try and gauge how management teams from drilling to service to E&P were thinking about growth in 2017. We were able to measure sentiment by quantifying the frequency of references to growth as shale executives spoke to investors. At the time …

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The Who’s Who Of Oilfield Service Product Lines

Last week, we came across a great rundown of oilfield leaders in specific product service lines prepared by EnergyPoint Research. For those new to oilfield services, this list is a great way to get up to speed on who does what. For those that have been around the business for …

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The O&G Job Creation Engine Is Firing Again

In the US, the O&G industry has begun to hire staff again for the first time in two years. We snapped this encouraging photo in front of a Halliburton completions yard while touring the Permian Basin in early-December. Source: Given what we know about the ongoing recovery and a …

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Joy To The Oil & Gas World

This holiday season is the most jolly in years for the oil and gas business. It finally feels like the tide is turning on many fronts. One Year Ago, We Predicted Everything Would Bottom In 2016 Exactly one year ago, we wrote the following outlook for another shop: As realists, we have …

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Campaign Speech… Of The Drilling Variety

  Our regular weekly analysis of Baker Hughes rig count statistics is below, but first some campaign speech. This weekend, we are taking a break from the political rhetoric to look at drilling campaigns. For the first time in two years, the US Independents are flexing up their drilling programs. …

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