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8 Interesting Things We Learned In The Past 24 Hours

It’s been a busy 24 hours. Since Wednesday morning, a dozen upstream management teams have provided business outlooks via quarterly conference calls. While drinking from this information firehose, we’ve been logging the highlights. In this post, we dissect the eight most interesting things we took away for the oilfield business at …

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Weatherford Does Not Share Baker’s Frac Philosophy

As Baker prepares to exit the horsepower game, Weatherford is in no hurry to send frac packing. After reactivating 3 spreads between September to December, the company will end the year at 90% marketed utilization. Weatherford is not selling its million horsepower fleet, at least not any time soon. To read this update you must be …

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A Pair Of Ironic US Oilfield Services Bankruptcies

Inside of 24 hours, two highly leveraged US onshore oilfield services companies – Basic Energy Services and Key Energy Services – each delivered Chapter 11 bankruptcy news to the market. Neither development comes as a surprise as both companies have been working on restructuring arrangements for the better part of 2016. But the timing …

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98 Offshore Rigs Have Now Been Scrapped As Transocean Recycles 3 More

Transocean’s fleet status report released late Monday afternoon showed that three more midwater semis have been selected for scrapping. At Infill Thinking, we now track 98 offshore rigs that have been retired since the downturn began in 2014. These 98 include the Transocean Driller, Transocean Winner and Sedco 704, which Transocean now plans to scrap this quarter. …

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Schlumberger Pushes Pricing, Talks Superlaterals And Cyclical Bottom

On Schlumberger’s conference call Friday morning, CEO Paal Kibsgaard made one central theme very clear. He is preparing his organization for growth again. Conversations with almost every Schlumberger customer on pricing increases have begun. Outside of Asia Pacific, Kibsgaard sees tender shoots of recovery sprouting in every market across the globe. To read …

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