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Fulfilling The Promise Of Weatherford [Guest Post]

Note: Each Friday in March, we are passing the keyboard to one of our readers to share perspective from the field. We hope you enjoy the thoughts these hand-picked contributors have to share. This week, Doug Sheridan shares some unique perspective on Weatherford’s legacy problem and potential opportunity. There’s a …

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US And Saudi Drilling Trends Diverge Again

In the recent past, US and Saudi drilling programs have exhibited an inverse relationship. The Saudis ramped aggressively into the downturn, and maintained elevated drilling levels while the US rig count crashed. Now as the US is ramping aggressively, the Saudis have toned things down a bit. Feature image credit: Instagram user …

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A Last Mile Solution Provider Is Going Public

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Inc. filed for a $100mm IPO late last week. Solaris is one of the frac sand last mile logistics companies highlighted in our deep dive report, which identified the company as a likely candidate to go public this year. Unlike some other new last mile solutions focused …

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